BVKER - Discography

How To Download

You’re probably reading this, because you wanted to download a free sample pack or some PDFs. You tried to follow the instructions, but somehow you still didn’t get what you want… right?

No worries, here’s how to download:

  1. From My inner Circle
  2. From Hypeddit

Inner Circle

My Inner Circle is the place where I share exclusive freebies, such as sounds, samples, PDFs and other useful stuff.


Enter your email address (here for example) and click on sign up.

You’ll be redirected to a site that says something like this: “Almost Done! Please confirm your email address” (due to the GDPR you have to confirm your email address before I’m allowed to send you anything).


Now click the link in the email I’ve send you. You’ll be redirected to a captcha to confirm your humanity and then you’ll come to a page where you can finally download the free stuff 🙂

You’ll also get my 20% coupon code.

BTW: If you’re already subscribed to my email list you won’t get the confirmation email another time after entering your email address. Make sure to bookmark the “Welcome To My Inner Circle!” page.


Hypeddit is a “download gate” I’m using to provide some additional downloads, that aren’t available to my email list exclusively. You’ll find all of these freebies on my SoundCloud page.


Choose a pack and click on the link in the description.


Now follow the instructions. You may be asked to follow me on SoundCloud, Instagram or Facebook. However, most of these steps are skippable.


After completing all steps the download should start automatically.

Enjoy! 🙂