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Foley Factory Lo-Fi Sample Pack - BVKER

Foley Factory Lo-Fi Sample Pack

The Foley Factory is a free Lo-Fi sample pack featuring about 200 carefully crafted kicks, snares, random percs, atmos, FX, and rough recordings. It’s 100% royalty-free, and no email sign-up or social media follow is required to access the download. Have fun and enjoy!

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The Idea

The idea about the pack came to life while setting up the new workspace for my Germany-based “real-world” venture, Akustikbild Galerie, which builds custom-made acoustic absorbers. While seeing all the fancy tools, I couldn’t resist grabbing my field recorder and started sampling: Different saws we use to cut the wood for our frames, staple guns to mount the acoustic fabric, drills, grinders, and an air compressor, which makes some great organic white noise, that can be used as a basis for open hats or sweep effects.

I dragged the recordings into my DAW and started playing around with different pitches, layering techniques, and processed them until they sounded like something you could actually make use of in a Lo-Fi production: downlifters, uplifters, atmos, random FX I don’t even know how to describe, weird percs, and more. Certainly, I also made sure to include the rough recordings so you can use them as a basis for your own sounds.

Good to know: the Foley Factory artwork is an actual photo of our workshop and is totally not an animation generated by MidJourney or something! 🙂


  • 79 Foley Recordings
  • 1 Construction Kit
  • 39 Drum Hits
  • 14 FX Sounds
  • 13 Atmos


  • Genres: Lo-Fi Hip Hop
  • License: Royalty-Free
  • Size: 307 MB
  • Files: 207 Files
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