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Once again my team and I have set to work to fabricate another sample pack. This time: a free UK Drill Drum Kit called "Drillers". It's packed with 154 drum shots, sliding 808s, choppy hat loops, unconventional placed snares and everything else you could possibly need for this genre.
To make sure every producer regardless of their age or income can access modern trap loops and samples my team and I have set to work and compiled the Chaos kit, which basically comes with everything you need to produce a modern trap beat: drum shots, loops, melodies and MIDI files.
The TR-909 Rhythm Composer (invented by Tadao Kikumoto) is without any doubt one of the most iconic drum machines ever made. It was first manufactured in 1983 by Roland and had along with the TB-303 synth a huge impact on the development of genres, such as house, acid house or techno.
The Mellotron is an electro-mechanical tape replay keyboard built in 1963 for the first time. It became famous, because the Beatles used it in some of their songs, which also caused it to become a popular instrument in progressive rock. The Mellotron contains sounds, such as strings, violas, cellos, pianos, flutes or choirs.
If you’re looking for some free foley sound effects and random sounds you can use for your film project, podcast or music you came to the right place! The “Footsteps” foley library is filled with 700+ wav files.
While compiling the Elevate Beatmaker Kit, we went through all of our packs and meticulously picked the BEST drums, 808s, loops, one-shots & FX. In total, you’ll get 250+ royalty-free files, including everything you could potentially need to start producing industry-standard beats.
The Foley Factory is a free Lo-Fi sample pack featuring about 200 carefully crafted kicks, snares, random percs, atmos, FX, and rough recordings. It’s 100% royalty-free, and no email sign-up or social media follow is required to access the download. Have fun and enjoy!