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BVKER - Footsteps Foley Sound Effects

Free Foley Library, Foley Sound Effects & Random Sounds

If you’re looking for some free foley sound effects and random sounds you can use for your film project, podcast or music you came to the right place! The “Footsteps” foley library is filled with 700+ wav files, including ambience recordings, one shots and sound effects.

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Footsteps is licensed as CC0. This means that you can use it for your own movie, sound or game productions (or anything else). In contrast to most other free foley libraries, there is no need to give us any credits (learn more about CC0).


Below you’ll find direct links to different previews of the sounds included in “Footsteps”. Please note that the pack also contains a lot of additional sounds, which aren’t listed below.


Pop Up and Pop Sound Effects

17 different pop, plop and woop sounds you can use for exploding bubbles, pop up windows or text message notifications .

Click Sound Effects

41 click sound effects and 3o additional switch samples you can use for all kinds of buttons.

Footsteps Sound Effects

6 different footstep recordings from metro stations and an autumnal forest.

Static Sound Effects

Different static sounds, which have been recorded in urban environments.

Thud Sound Effects

16 dull and muffled thud samples you can use for any kind of impact.

Coin Sound Effects

29 coin samples. Some of them falling on a table and some falling into a glass bowl.

Water Splash Sounds

5 small and big splash sounds of random things falling into water.

Forest Sound Effects

A variety of samples, which have been recorded in a forest, including ambiences, a breaking branch, footsteps, a waterfall and random wood sounds.

Knocking Sound Effects

18 samples of a hand knocking against different doors and a bunch of other things.

Door Slamming Sound Effects

51 samples of opening, closing and groaning doors.

Haircut Sounds

14 samples of scissors opening and closing.

Peeing Sounds

Samples of someone peeing in a toilet and peeing in a forest.

Beep Sound Effects

9 beep sounds and noises, such as a censored bleep sound or heart monitor.

Transition Sound Effects

4 swoosh like transition effects based on white noise.

Laser Gun Sound Effects

8 laser samples you can use for laser guns in movies or video games.

Suspense Sound Effects

3 creepy suspense sounds and horror ambiences.

Vinyl Crackles

10 samples of vinyl crackles for an old school vintage feel.

Jump Sound Effects

3 jump sounds, perfect for game sound design.

Bass Drop Samples

10 deep bass drop samples.

Failure Sound Effects

3 failure sounds you can use for video games.

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