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Oxygen for Hybrid Trap - BVKER

Oxygen for Hybrid Trap

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Hybrid Trap is one of the hardest genres to produce: Beginners can have a hard time nailing the complicated sound design, while even the pros can struggle to find perfect sounds. To solve this problem, we produced the perfect all-in-one solution, with more than 400 drum shots, over 200 synths, dozens of useful vocal shots, brass loops, and matching MIDIs.

We could have stopped here but decided to go all in with two bonus packs – A big effect library and an even bigger 808 collection! Whether you are into Dubstep, Hard Trap, or Hybrid Trap – Oxygen is a must-have sample pack that will drastically boost your workflow.

Bonus 1: Vibration Premium 808s

What’s the foundation of every good trap tune? Right, a wall-shaking 808 bass. The Vibration Premium 808 Pack is filled with a total of 200 key-labeled 808 multi shots. Pick a sample of your choice, drag it into your project file and you’re done – no need for further processing.

Bonus 2: Palindrome Effect Library

To round things off, we decided to add dozens of FX sounds. The Palindrome Effect Library is packed with bass drops, buildup drums, downlifters, impacts, risers, and most importantly: trap sirens you don’t want to miss out on!


  • 402 Drum Shots
  • 200 key-labeled 808 multi-shots
  • 20 Hat Loops
  • 231 Synths
  • 96 FX Sounds
  • 35 Brass Shots
  • 15 Brass Loops
  • 15 Brass MIDIs
  • 16 Downsampled Vocals
  • 1 Construction Kit w/ 20 Stems


  • Genres: Hybrid Trap & Dubstep
  • License: Royalty-Free
  • Formats: .wav & .mid
  • Size: 984.6 MB
  • Files: 1031

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