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Free VST Plugins

5 free VST plugins every producer needs to know

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Music production can get quite expensive. You need a solid computer, a DAW, synths, studio speakers, and the list goes on.. However, there are some incredible FREE plugins that can easily keep up with all the paid stuff.

Let’s dive right in!

#1 Polyverse Wider

A one-knob effect that empowers you to make any source pseudo stereo – without phase issues. It’s made by the guys from Infected Mushroom.

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#2 Ozone Imager

iZotope’s Imager is a part of Ozone, which is known to be the best mastering plugin you can get your hands on. I’d try this one for sure!

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#3 Xfer OTT

I personally prefer to use Ableton’s OTT preset for Multiband Dynamics, but if you use another DAW this freebie is a great replacement.

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#4 TAL FX Bundle

An entire bundle containing 4 high-quality plugins you can use for different things. There’s a bitcrusher, a flanger, a saturation plugin and a tilt EQ.

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#5 Blue Cat’s Freeware plug-ins

Blue Cat’s Freeware Plugin Pack comes with a chorus, a flanger, an analyzer, the “Gain Suite”, a phaser and an EQ.

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As you can see, there are first-class plugins you don’t have to spend a single buck on (and these are only my personal favorites). If you’re looking for something specific I recommend to check out the free downloads section by Plugin Boutique. They offer some really cool stuff by a variety of different brands – all in one place!