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Best Trap Sample Packs of 2021 (Free & Paid)

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Every producer knows: if you want to cook up some lit trap beats you need some high quality samples. Unfortunately the supply is incredibly huge and it’s therefore hard to spot the best trap sample packs. To make your life a bit easier we decided to compile this ultimate list of 10 different trap sample packs, including everything you could possibly need.

No matter if you’re looking for some hard hitting drum shots, 808 bass samples, melodic content or MIDI loops. You’ll find it all below. The best part? Since we know that many producers can’t or simply don’t want to spend a lot of money on sample packs we decided to start off this post with 2 free ones..

but before we dive right into it, let’s take a look at their license.. (only takes a few seconds)


All samples from are licensed as royalty-free. This means that (once you purchased a license) you can use all of the contents for commercial and non-commercial productions, without having to pay us any royalties and without having to give any credits. For the free packs you don’t even have to purchase a license at all. Sounds cool, right?

1. The Chaos Kit

Our Chaos Kit is filled with plenty of free trap samples & loops, suitable for modern, hard hitting trap beats with distorted 808s and weird melodies. In total, you’ll get over 200 files, including drum one shots, drum loops, melodic loops and fitting MIDIs. If you’re just starting out and don’t want to spend a fortune this pack should be more than enough to get started.


  • 150 Drum Shots
  • 30 Drum Loops
  • 40 Melody Loops
  • 37 MIDI Loops


  • Files: 257
  • Size: 369,2 MB
  • Formats: .wav & .mid
  • Price: Free

2. The Drip Kit

If you listen to Hip Hop you probably heard of Metro Boomin. He’s one of the most successful beatmakers of our time and has worked with artists like Travis Scott or Future. The Drip kit is inspired by his trademark sounds and is, therefore, a rather “clean” trap sample pack. A really great addition to Chaos, which is rather modern and saturated.


  • 15 808s
  • 12 Kicks
  • 10 Snares
  • 18 Claps
  • 6 Percs
  • 39 Cymbals


  • Files: 100
  • Size: 49,7 MB
  • Formats: .wav
  • Price: Free

3. 808 VIP

Tired of searching for the perfect 808 shot for your arrangement? Why don’t you just try out our Serum 808 preset pack called “808 VIP”. It comes with 808s in literally any format you could possibly think of: samples, loops, presets, a lot of Serum wavetables & MIDI files. You can start by picking one of the presets and adjust the macros until you’re satisfied.


  • 252 Multi Shots
  • 63 808 Loops
  • 63 Kick Loops
  • 63 MIDI Loops
  • 63 Kick Shots
  • 63 Serum Presets
  • 137 Wavetables


  • Files: 704
  • Size: 620.4 MB
  • Formats: .wav, .mid & .fxp
  • Price: $20

4. Bangin 808s

In contrast to “808 VIP” the “Bangin 808” pack contains only one shots samples, so it’s the better choice for producers who don’t own a copy of Serum or simply prefer to work with one shot samples instead of presets. All 808 bass samples are key-labeled and the pack comes with some bonus loops + MIDI files. You’ll love it!


  • 110 Oneshots
  • 30 Audio Loops
  • 30 MIDI Loops


  • Files: 170
  • Size: 320,9 MB
  • Formats: .wav & .mid
  • Price: $20

5. Trap For Serum Vol. 2

Well, Trap For Serum Vol.2 is (as the name suggests) actually a Xfer Serum preset pack, but since it also contains some loops, samples and MIDI files I thought it might also be a great fit for this list. With 120 presets, including basses, bells, keys, leads (the list goes on) this bank covers an incredibly wide range of different sound categories. It’s one of our favorites!


  • 120 Serum Presets
  • 107 Melodic Loops
  • 107 MIDI Loops
  • 13 FX Samples


  • Files: 347
  • Size: 561 MB
  • Formats: .wav, .mid & .fxp
  • Price: $20

6. Delusion Trap Melodies

If you’re looking for some next-level trap melodies Delusion is the pack to go. Not only will you get access to 100 BPM and key-labeled melodic loops, but also to 100 fitting MIDI files, you can use to analyze or change up the notes. As a bonus we included 20 chopped melodies. Just pick one of the melodies, add some decent drums and the beat is done..


  • 100 Melodic Loops
  • 20 Melodic Loops (Chopped)
  • 100 MIDI Files


  • Files: 220
  • Size: 579,9 MB
  • Formats: .wav & .mid
  • Price: $20

7. Essential Trap Drums

You can make your own melodies, but you’re still looking for that ultimate drum sample pack, filled with a variety of different one shots and maybe some effect sounds? Essentials Trap Drums comes with 800+ files, including both modern and classic trap drums. As a bonus we included a huge “analog” library with drums based on Roland’s TR-808 Rhythm Composer.


  • 323 Drum Shots
  • 27 Effect Sounds
  • 1 Construction Kit
  • 400 Stemmed Out Drum Loops
  • 17 Ableton Live Instruments Racks


  • Files: 854
  • Size: 1,35 GB
  • Formats: .wav & .alp
  • Price: $20

8. Oxygen for Hybrid Trap

Well, in contrast to all other packs included in this list “Oxygen” is the only one suitable for Hybrid Trap, Hard Trap or what some people call it “EDM” trap. It contains more than a thousand files and comes with everything you need to produce this genre. Certainly it can also be used for other bass genres, like Dubstep for example.


  • 402 Drum Shots
  • 200 key-labeled 808 multi shots
  • 20 Hat Loops
  • 231 Synths
  • 96 FX Sounds
  • 35 Brass Shots
  • 15 Brass Loops
  • 15 Brass MIDIs
  • 16 Downsampled Vocals
  • 1 Construction Kit w/ 20 Stems


  • Files: 1031
  • Size: 984,6 MB
  • Formats: .wav & .mid
  • Price: $40

9. Trapster Bundle

If you want to make a serious investment in your career and want to save money at the same time the Trapster Bundle should be your choice. It contains 6 of our best premium packs and has a combined value of $119. With 1691 files it contains everything you need to get started. Seriously, you won’t find a pack with a better value for money – period.


  • 598 One Shots
  • 587 Audio Loops
  • 225 MIDI Loops
  • 99 Serum Presets
  • 153 Wavetables
  • 6 Construction Kits
  • 5 Ableton Live Project Files
  • 17 Ableton Live Instrument Racks
  • 1 PDF


  • Files: 1691
  • Size: 2.07 GB
  • Formats: .wav, .mid, .fxp, .als, .alp & .pdf
  • Price: $40

10. Organic Trap Drums

Tired of using the same, standard trap sample packs for all of your beats? Organic Trap Drums is filled with a bunch of weird one shots and loops entirely made from foley recordings. The pack is therefore also suitable for other styles, like Lo-Fi Hip Hop for example or just a great addition for filtered break sections in your “normal” trap beats.


  • 50 Drum Loops
  • 17 Kicks
  • 32 Snares
  • 21 Percs
  • 15 Hats
  • 10 Shakers


  • Files: 145
  • Size: 200,6 MB
  • Formats: .wav
  • Price: $14

Additional Resources

Haven’t found what you were looking for or still craving for additional sample packs? No worries, here are some further resources that might be useful for you. We also added our three favorite packs from each shop below. Go ahead 🙂

Disclaimer: Some of the following links might be affiliate links. This means that we’ll get a commission for every sale. However, the product price stays the same and we would never recommend products online that we wouldn’t also recommend a real friend.


Loopmasters was one of the first big sample stores and they’re still till this day. Their Trap category covers countless products made by an incredible amount of different sound design labels. If you’re looking for something specific, you might find it here.


Prime Loops

Another one of my favorites stores is Prime Loops. They offer some of my favorites packs from sound designers like Julez Jadon and labels, such as Origin Sound, Touch Loops or Blvckout. All the following recommendations are from Julez, but other labels also do a great job.


The Producers Choice

The Producers Choice is well-known among for making Boom Bap & Old School Hip Hop samples, but they also offer some packs that fit the style of today’s Hip Hop charts. Definitely worth taking a look at if you ask me, especially the Everything Bundle.



Ghosthack is just like we are based in Germany. They’re known for making sample and preset packs for a variety of different genres, like Dubstep or EDM, but they also supply a decent selection of Trap and Hip Hop sample packs you should take a look at.


Your Local Musician

Well, the name “Your Local Musician” is a bit misleading, since you can certainly get their kits from all around the world. They offer high quality soundbanks, guitar loops, drum kits and sample packs for Hip Hop, Lo-Fi, Trap & RnB.


W.A. Production

The last page I want to introduce is called “What About Production”. They also distribute some of our packs so they’re obviously a great sample store 😉 Just kidding, but they honestly offer some really cool stuff. Here are our recommendations:



As you can see, there are countless places to hook yourself up with some new trap sample packs. In the end it’s up to personal preferences and taste, but I have no doubt that all of the packs I linked in this post are great resources and absolutely worth their money. As previously said, if you don’t want to spend any money feel free to start with the first two packs and if you’re afterwards still hungry for more, feel free to come back at a later time 😉