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DJ Spinz 808 Alternatives

The Spinz 808 is probably the single best-known sample among Trap producers. It has a decent transient, rich low-end, a tiny bit of noise, and harmonic overtones, so you can hear it on smaller speakers. The problem? It’s so overused that I honestly wouldn’t recommend using it anymore (except you want to sound exactly like everyone else).

However, we wouldn’t make this post without offering a great alternative or more precisely: 20 FREE alternatives. That said, we got ourselves a copy of the infamous DJ Spinz 808, dragged it into Ableton, listened carefully, and eventually came up with 20 808 bass samples, which all have quite similar sound characteristics.

The best parts? They haven’t been used in thousands of beats yet, so you can use them with a clear conscience + they’re all normalized and tuned to C so you can go through them in your mix without having to change your sampler’s pitch all the time.

Feel free to check out this post if you’d like to learn how you can also make your own 808s and this post for some additional insights on the tools we’ve used.. but for now, click on the big button below and start downloading your Spinz 808s! 😉


  • Genres: Trap & Hip Hop
  • License: Royalty-Free
  • Size: 17.4 MB
  • Files: 20
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There’s no doubt that an 808 can make or break a whole beat. When it hits just right, it makes a crowd go nuts, while a thin bass can make you get some new drinks. That’s why our team put so much effort into creating the Explicit 808s Premium Edition.