SoundCloud Fastlane

  • how to get more SoundCloud followers and plays with less effort
  • why uploading your tracks isn’t enough and what to do instead
  • how to optimize your social media presence to attract labels
  • get reposts by influential channels (this part alone is incredible)
  • building a valuable network of connections in the music industry



You’ll learn how to master the essential foundations that are required to stand out from the incredible huge supply of music these days.


How successfull music producers like Marshmello create a unique brand to differentiate them (and how you can do the same).


Where to find affordable designers and how to create a visual representation that matches your identity and attracts fans and labels.

Set Up

Optimize your account to make a professional impression. This one is important if you want to work with labels and agencies.

Fan Gates

How to gain more followers from your already existing tracks and 2 hacks to increase the effectiveness of your fan gates by 200%.


Increase your coversions from your SoundCloud tracks with one simple trick and make more money on all digital online stores.


A super simple (but boring) technique to get important reposts by huge SoundCloud channels for all of your upcoming tracks.


The step-by-step plan for building a bullet-proof network of valuable connections in the music industry.

What Exactly Is Included?


The eBook

The complete eBook about SoundCloud marketing

Resources & Tools

A list with all the tools & resources meantioned in the guide

Banner Templates

Banner size templates for Facebook, SoundCloud & YouTube


Can I Get The Physical Book?

I’m regularly updating the book with new information and resources. The eBook format is the only possible way to send updated versions to all customers.

In Which Format Is The Book?

You’ll get the eBook in PDF & EPUB, which allows you to read it on any device such as your laptop, smartphone or e-reader.

Is The Book Right For Me?

This book includes usefull information for producers of every genre, beginners and pros. It will help you to get more followers and plays (unless you are Skrillex and already have millions of fans).

Why Does The Book Costs 7$?

I want to make this book affordable for everyone that wants to succeed. At the same time i don’t want to give these tips away for everyone and sort out people that aren’t willing to fully commit.

Get More Plays & Followers On SoundCloud