Recommended Products For Music Production

On this page you’ll find recommendations for music production tools & software as well as links to some freebies.

1. Plugins & Synths I Can’t Live Without

When it comes to plugins less is more. It’s better to know few tools very well…but there are 2 specific plugins I can’t live without:

  • Xfer Serum – is the best software syntheziser you possibly could think of.
  • LFO Tool – is the best way for clean sidechaining

2. For Dubstep Producers

Dubstep isn’ t that hard to produce if you have the right sounds. If only one of the best dubstep producers would sell his sounds…Oh wait, there is Virtual Riot.

  • VR Serum Presets – Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 are probably the best dubstep presetbanks ever. They’ll also teach you sounddesign like nothing else does.

3. For Hybrid Trap Producers

If you want to produce hybrid trap you can also you Virtual Riots Serum presets, but you also need some decend 808s.

  • 808 Warfare – is the only 808 library I use right now. 

4. Free Resources (In Addition To Mine)

    • Loopmasters – you can get 1GB of free samples here.

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