The Best Holiday Deals for Music Producers in 2020

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Yes, music production is expensive. At the very least you need a solid computer, a DAW, plugins and studio speakers or headphones. Fortunately, there are a lot of plugin brands and sound design labels offering insane deals from time to time. So if you’d like to save up to 96% on brands like iZotope, Arturia or Soundtoys, make sure to check out the list below..


iZotope Insight 2 Sale80%January 5
Exponential Audio R4 Sale90%January 7
iZotope Tonal Balance Bundle< 78%January 11
Exponential Audio Nimbus Sale85%January 11
Soundtoys Holiday Sale< 70%January 12
Loopmasters Sample Sales< 50%Unknown
Prime Loops Winter Warmers< 75%Unknown
WA Production Christmas Sale< 96%Unknown
Producers Choice Black Friday Bundle$261Unknown