Today I want to give you a review of my all-time favorite sample pack pack for trap, hybrid trap & hard trap: It’s Polysonics “Hardest Trap” sample pack.

This pack is filled with wall-shaking 808s, nasty brass samples, claps, crashes, rides, drum loops, the best tom fills I ever heard, hats, kicks, SFX, snares, synth loops & synth one-shots. It’s also number 1 on my ultimate list of the 5 best sample packs for hard & hybrid trap.

Before we dive right into the more detailed part of the review I want to give you a small preview of the sounds that you can expect. Here’s the official demo track of Hardest Trap by Polysonic:

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Ok I know: the demo sounds always awesome, but I also made this track in one evening using mostly samples from this pack: The 808, snare, hats, crashes, rides (almost all drums) and the brass are all samples from this pack. You can also download the free ableton project file below, but you need to have the sample pack, because I’m not allowed to give their samples away for free. Ableton will automatically find the samples on your hard drive.

Free Download

..but for now let’s move on to the review.


I want to start with the folder I like the most about this pack: the fills. These are the best tom fills I ever heard, they’re punchy and clean (which let’s us more room to shape the sound how we want it). I like to add some short reverb and abletons OTT preset. Turn the amount down to 50-70% and boost the lows a few dbs. Polysonics toms will also sound perfect if you want to make a dubstep song.


Looking for that nasty, evil brass sound you hear in nearly every trap production? Choose the right brass sample in the key of your track, add some multiband compression (abletons OTT will do the job), cut the lows and boost around 3k. Done.


There are 808s with more character than these, but if you’re searching for some solid 808 basses for hard trap these are perfect. Just drag them into abletons simpler (or any other sampler) and you’re all set.


The snares are punchy and clean just like the kicks and claps. You’ll find some classic trap snares for rolls, some for dubstep and some punchy higher ones. There’s nothing more to say about. They do what drums are supposed do: beeing punchy.


There’s one problem with hard trap: the arrangement. It’s pretty hard to get a punchy and clean mix. These cymbals will add higher frequencies to your tracks without washing out every detail. In my project file I’m using crash 006, ride 004, ride 005 and closed hihat 001. Polysonic did a really good job here.


To be honest: I didn’t use them yet, because I always use 1 boring white noise up- and downlifter of my own sample pack. This is just to have a faster workflow and has nothing to do with the quality of these samples. Yes I know: I have to work on that.

Synth One Shots

The synth one shots are a nice addition to the pack and you can use some of them for drop starters and synth fills for example, but if you want to make a drop only with these it will sound very similar to the demo track. (Which isn’t a bad thing)

What Is This Pack Not?

This pack is not an all-in-one solution…but it’s pretty close. For an entire production you usually need some impacts and vocal shots. Add a long reverb to a kick and use the vocal shots from my project file. Problem solved. Add your own synths and this pack really contains everything you need to make a production that will sound similar to the demo track or my free project file. Now you can add some of your own “flavor”.


Let’s compare this pack to another one. Let’s say something in a higher price range about 100$. In a 100$ pack you get 100 samples in each folder which you go through 1 time and end up using 1 or 2 samples. All the others are either shit or you just don’t have the time to decide which one is the best for you because you don’t want to spend 30minutes comparing 100 slightly different sounds. In the hardest trap pack every sample is decent and you’re able to decide which one to use in seconds…and I would be willing pay the 20 bucks for the tom fills only. Don’t fall for all of this hype based marketing scam. Choose few sample packs with few quality sounds and stick to them. This will improve your productions way more.

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