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Free Synthwave Serum Presets - BVKER

20 Synthwave Serum Presets [Free Download]

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While creating our presets, we always aim to design sounds that stand out in the vast landscape of generic options. It’s not enough for us that they just sound great; they need to have that special something. And with this pack, we made no exception!

You’ll get 20 of our finest Serum presets, taken from our premium library “Synthpop Presets for Serum.” Although they’re specifically designed for 80s-inspired genres like synthwave, synthpop, vaporwave, and chillwave, you can certainly use them for other styles as well.

What makes these Synthwave Serum presets unique, in particular, is that we’ve modulated a lot through chaos (randomness). These subtle imperfections in pitch, cutoff, and other parameters give the presets a nostalgic feel you can’t get with most software synths.

We’ve further pushed the boundaries of Serum’s own capabilities by processing certain sounds with external effects like shimmer reverb. We then resampled and imported these effects as noise oscillators with pitch tracking, adding an extra layer of character.


  • 20 Serum Presets
  • For 80s-Inspired Genres
  • Royalty-Free License
  • Size of 20.3 MB
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