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Free Sample Packs, All Genres (Best of 2021)

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Every producer needs a decent sample library to make great music. And just like beer, samples simply taste better whenever they’re free. Below, you’ll find the ultimate list of free sample packs, including stuff for a variety of different genres.

Since most packs contain audio (mostly wav) files, they can be used with any DAW, no matter if you’re using Ableton Live, FL Studio, Maschine, or anything else.

Disclaimer: All BVKER sample packs are 100% royalty-free. However, not all of the packs linked in this article are made by us, so make sure to check out the providers’ websites to find out if their packs are royalty-free as well.

All Genres

Before going to the genre-specific downloads, I want to start off this list with a bunch of freebies that can be used for multiple styles of music. Our Inner Circle, for example, gives you access to all of the free BVKER stuff at once. Just click on the first blue link below, enter your email address, and follow the remaining instructions.

Free Trap Sample Packs

For the past years, Trap has been the most prominent genre throughout the charts. And not only do you find Trap beats all across the Hip Hop charts. No, they’re also quite present in the Pop charts and many EDM producers implement Trap elements as well. If you don’t own some decent Trap samples yet, it’s undoubtedly time for a change!

Looking for more? Check out this list of the best Trap sample packs.

Free House & EDM Sample Packs

Yes, I know: House & EDM are some very broad terms a lot of subgenres can be categorized under. However, I certainly gave my best to find the best packs for different purposes, including Deep House, EDM, Future House, Bass House, and Tech House.

Free LoFi Sample Packs

The term Low Fidelity (short Lo-Fi or LoFi) describes sounds, which sound like they were recorded with outdated equipment. You’ll often hear artifacts, including pitch variations, noise, vinyl crackles, or distortion. These imperfections often trigger certain emotions, like melancholia or nostalgia, which are hard to achieve using perfectly clean sounds.

Free Vocal Sample Packs

Vocal samples are probably the most essential files from this list. Yes, we can learn how to make our own kicks in Serum, we can even learn how to record our own drum samples and foley sounds. But let’s be honest: most of us can’t sing at all! Therefore, it’s quite cool that some brands are so kind to offer the following freebies below.

Free Future Bass Sample Packs

Invented by Flume and made mainstream by the likes of Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers, and David Guetta, Future Bass is defined by lush supersaw chords, weird snares, thumpy kicks, and beautifully interesting sound design. All the downloads below are free to download and contain some really useful loops and one-shots.

Free Dubstep Sample Packs

Being still my favorite club genre, Dubstep is usually based around 140 – 150 BPM, has a simple drum pattern, and incredibly crazy bass sound design. Below you’ll find some essential, hard-hitting drum shots, metal shouts, and bass shots. Enjoy!

Free Hip Hop Sample Packs

In this section I put in all the packs, going in an Old School Hip Hop, Boom Bap, or RnB direction. Those drums usually differ quite hard from the modern Trap stuff and are the perfect choice for 90s inspired Hip Hop productions.

Free Techno Sample Packs

Common House doesn’t hit hard enough for your taste? No worries, just grab these Techno sound kits below. They should be enough to get you started cooking up your first Techno tunes. What are you waiting for?

Free Synthwave Sample Packs

One of my favorite genres of all time is Synthwave. The best part? Huge pop artists, like The Weeknd, Dua Lipa, or David Guetta are picking this style up again. If you’re looking for old drum machine hits and retro synths, check out the following freebies.

What’s now?

Well, in order to make great music you can search for new sounds all day long, but at some point, you have to open up your DAW of choice and put in the hours. Pick some of the mentions from this list, and let’s go. Oh, and if you’re just searching for some fresh drums, you might also like this list of my favorite free drum kits 2021.