Black Friday Deals 2019

Black Friday is probably the best day to buy new gear or plugins for the studio. In this list you’ll find my favorite recommendations (some of them are up to 93% off 😱).

BVKER’s 4 Packs for $10 Bundle – 87,5% Off

I’d like to start this list with a crazy offer by myself. My Black Friday Bundle contains 4 of my premium sample packs (each $20) and only costs $10, so you’ll save total $70. This bundle will only be available for Black Friday, so make sure to grab it before it’s gone forever.

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iZotope Black Friday Bundle Sale – 93% OFF

iZotope is for sure one of the best, if not THE best plugin brand out there. Their Black Friday Bundle contains plugins worth $781.39, but only costs $53.31. With 7 top-notch plugins this bundle is surely a no brainer.

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Antares Black Friday Sale – UP TO 50% OFF

Antares is the brand that revolutionized the music industry via Auto-Tune. Fortunately they also run a Black Friday sale, so if you’re going for that Travis Scott type sound make sure to check out their offer.

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XLN Audio RC-20 Retro Color – 34% Off

XLN Audio’s RC-20 is a must have for every beatmaker or Lo-Fi producer. The plugin comes with 6 unique FX modules emulating old noise, distortion or other kinds of textures.

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More Black Friday Sales

You already own all of these plugins or you’re looking for something else? No worries, I got you covered. Just check out the Black Friday section on Plugin Boutique or Loopmasters.

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