In one of my last post I told you about my 3 step formula on how to become a better music producer. And the first step was to learn how to produce music and finish your songs.

…but to make a great sounding trap track you need some good sample packs and presets banks at first.

I tried most sample packs that are popular at the moment and found out that they aren’t always as good as their demo tracks.

That’s why I’ve made this list of the best trap sample packs 2017. Every pack in this list helped me to improve my productions a lot. You can’t go wrong with these.


Polysonic - Hardest Trap

Polysonic Hardest Trap is one of THE best trap sample packs for every hard or hybrid trap producer. I don’t want to sounds to promoting, but I honestly recomend this pack to all of my producer friends.

It contains everythink you really need: wall-shaking 808 basses for the foundation of your next track, mad brass samples, smoth claps & some really hard hitting snares.

I actually use “snare 003” for all of my trap tracks since I’ve found out about this pack 😉

You also get crashes, rides, hats, punchy kicks, SFXs & some drum loops.

And there’s something else I want to point out: I always searched for gnarly sounding tom fills and finally found some decend ones in this pack.

You also get a good variation of hard trap synth oneshots and some good loops for inspiration.

This pack isn’t the biggest one, but I actually like that you don’t have to listen to 100 kicks before you decide which one to use. Every sample in this pack is a good one.


72 x 808s
42 x Brass
10 x Claps
13 x Crashes & Rides
25 x Drum Loops
20 x Fills
20 x HiHats
12 x Kicks
14 x SFX
12 x Snares
13 x Synth Loops
30 x Synth One Shots

Here’s the link to Prime Loops if you want to hear the demo and want to know what’s exactly included:

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Prime Loops Free Trap Samples

Prime Loops – Neuro Trap combines two of my favorite genres in one pack: trap and neurofunk.

It has some more than decent 808 basses, SFX and drum one-shots.

…escpecially the snares can add a nice charakter to your tracks if you’re aiming for something different.

You also get some drum and synth loops which are pretty nice. So all in all a very nice pack for trap, twerk, hyrbid trap, neurofunk or trap & bass producers.

All of the samples have an awesome quality and here’s the highlight of the pack:

It conatins 40 (dry & wet) vocal samples that are honestly next level.

As a trap producer you’re always searching for some predrop vocal phrases that make your track sound “more gangster”.

And most of the vocal samples that I’ve used before this pack, weren’t giving me that

…but the vocal samples in neuro trap are really f*ckin awesome.

Take a listen to the demo on Prime Loops so you can decide for yourself. You won’t be dissapointed.

PS: This pack is also pretty cheap 😉


23 x 808 Bass Loops
27 x Synth Loops
40 x Vocal Samples
35 x Drum Loops
15 x SFX
27 x Drum One-Shots
100, 150 & 172 Bpm
24 Bit Audio
Total Size: 340MB

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Atik is one of my favorite trap producers and he’s killin’ it right now. He got supported from big names like: Diplo, The Chainsmokers, Getter & UZ..

Good for us that he made a sample pack with all of his sounds 😉

The best parts about this pack are clearly it’s punchy drums and 808s:

You get 89 drum one-shots + build up drums, clap loops, drum fills, hihat loops, percussion loops, snare rolls and trap drum loops.

There are also many synth, lead, arp and chord loops aswell as 23 synth & bass one-shots & 55FX.

The vocal loops in this pack are also pretty decend.

It’s hard to explain Atiks specific style. All I really can say about these samples is that they’re clean, punchy and simply sound awesome.

I’m using it’s claps & percussions all the time.


30 x Build Up Drums
20 x Clap Loops
30 x Drum Fills
20 x Hihat Loops
40 x Percussion Loops
20 x Snare Rolls
10 x Trap Drum Loops
22 x Synth Leads
20 x Synth Loops
10 x Arp Loops
10 x Chord Loops
20 x Vocal Loops
89 x Drum One Shots
23 x Synth & Bass One Shots
55 x FX

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Antidote Audios Infected Drums for Hybrid Trap is probably the best trap sample pack in this list.

Everytime I’m producing a banger and I notice that there’s something missing or that my drum samples doesn’t seem to fit to the track I go through this pack and find what I was looking for.

Why? Because it has a total of 500 hart hitting drum samples. Yes you’ve read right 500…

The only reasons why this pack isn’t in the first place is that it is a drums only pack and because it’s quite pricy compared to the other ones in this list.

If you really want to take it serious I would get this pack.

It comes with the original ableton live project (and flp) of the demo track. So you can see how to use the stuff that’s included.


100 x Drum Loops
100 x Snares
50 x FX
50 x Perc
40 x Cymbals
100 x Claps
50 x Kicks
50 x Stabs
40 x 808s
20 x Toms
1 x FL Studio Project File
1 x Ableton Project File
682MB [Unzipped]

Listen to the demo track and decide if you want to take your productions to the next level:

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Future Trap is a sample pack by Prime Loops that’s made by Cy Kosis – AKA Jamaal Taylor who got support from no other than Diplo, The Partysquad and more.

It has a really special and unique sound. That’s why I love this pack.

…but I wouldn’t recommend to buy it alone. However it’s a nice add on to your collection if you want to have something new.

I’m not using all of the samples in this pack, but some of them all the time.

What’s awesome about this pack is that you can download a free taster pack:


47 x Synth Loops
19 x Bass Loops
124 x Synth & Bass One Shots
22 x FX
53 x Drum & Perc Loops
145 x Drum One Shots
80 – 150Bpm
24Bit Audio Quality
Total SIze: 478.9MB

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Ok guys these are the best 5 trap sample packs I know and every single one of them will take your productions to a new direction.

They all have a slightly different style, size and price, but they’re all really high quality stuff.

Make sure to check out the links the listen to demo tracks. That’s the only way you really can decide if you want to buy them or not.

Either way, keep up the production 😉

Stay tuned!