Right after I revealed the best sample packs for trap in my latest post I said to myself:

“Hey, what about all the dubstep producers in this community?”

So I didn’t wasted much time and started right away to write down the best dubstep sample packs of 2017.

Believe me: these are some good ones.

3 of the best and iconic dubstep producers made a sample pack that conatins all of their unique bass, synth and drum sounds.

So you basically have the oppurtunity to get access to sounds that are proven to be more than good by thousands of people.

You just have to pick your favorite flavor. (Or take all of them)


Virtual Riot - Sample Pack

I always like to buy sample packs made by successfull producers?

Why? Because I know that their sounds aren’t just made to sell. No, their sounds are made to sound as good as possible in an actual track.

And if the producer that made the sample pack is someone like Virtual Riot (who is one of the best dubstep producers ever) you can be pretty sure that his sample pack is one of the best on the market.

I even want to take my statement a step further:

This is THE best dubstep sample pack – period.

It basically contains everything you need to make a dubstep banger: drum one-shots, drum loops, bass one-shots, synth hits, melodys and FX.

This pack also got an 10/10 rating by YourEDM.com, BedroomProducersBlog and OhmLab.

And the best thing about this pack: In comparison to other stuff it’s really cheap.

There are sample company that sell sample packs that aren’t nearly as good as this for 3 times more.

Here’s what’s inside…


24 Bit Audio Quality229 x Drum hits
23 x Drum loops
144 x Bass one-shots
68 x Bass loops
29 x Synth hits
75 x Synth melody loops35 x FX hits and loops

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Excisions sample pack is the second of 3 producer sample packs is this list.

And Excision is like Virtual Riot one of the best dubstep producers I know.

He’s famous for his hard hitting bass sounds and with this pack you can get your hands on some of his signature sounds.

This pack is filled with drum loops, synth loops, bass loops, bonuse vocals, drum hits, FX, synth one-shots and here are my favorites:

50 gnarly bass one shots.

These are enough to make some dubstep bangers – for sure.

..but what should I say more about this pack? Click on the button below, listen to the demo track and decide for yourself if you like what you’re hearing.

I bet so 😉


43 x Drum Loops
25 x Synth Loops
35 x Bass Loops
10 x Bonus Vocals
61 x Drum Hits
32 x FX/Loops/Vocals
50 x Bass One-Shots
25 x Synth One-Shots
140 BPM
24 Bit Audio Quality
243 MB [Unzipped]

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When I heard Dec3mbers music for the first time I fell in love instantly.

..and when I found out that he released a sample pack with all of his sounds I was happy as f*ck.

This pack clearly is a must have for all hard dubstep producers.

It conatins over 260MB of bass & synth loops, arps, ambiences, offbeat skanks, bass and synth one shots, vocal chants, drum loops, drum one-shots and FX hits.

Everything 24bit high quality stuff.


23 x Bass & Synth Loops
20 x Arps & Ambiences
9 x Offbeat Skanks
64 x Bass & Synth One Shots
14 x Vocal Chants
23 x Drum Loops
105 x Drum One Shots
25 x FX Hits
24 Bit Audio Quality
Total Size: 266.7MB+

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What is dubstep without riddim, right?

Total Riddim volume 1 gives you everything you need to make a good, old, back to the roots, underground dubstep banger.

I recently played the demo track just for fun and all these molly popin’ raver dudes literally freaked out.

So if you’re searching for nasty, underground, swamp sounds like you can hear in productions by Requake, Megalodon or 12th planet: This pack is for you.


44 x Bass Loops
30 x Bass Oneshots
16 x Melody Loops
30 x Backing Loops
44 x Vocal Samples
20 x Drum Loops
34 x Drum Hits
31 x Effects
20 x Atmospheres
24 Bit Audio Quality

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If you liked Total Riddim Volume 1, you’ll love volume 2:

135MB+ of banging riddim dubstep beats, bass, synths, FX, one shots and vocal hits.

It’s rare these days that a follow up can compete with the original, but this pack honestly succeeded to blow my mind again.

With sounds like these in your pocket it really is no problem at all to create riddim tracks in minutes.

It’s a pretty easy to make genre (if you have the right sounds).


24 x Bass Loops
30 x Drum Loops
15 x Melody Loops
40 x Drum One Shots
21 x Percs
30 x FX Hits
25 x Vocal Hits
23 x Bass Hits
24 Bit Audio Quality

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These are my favorite dubstep sample packs of 2017.

Especially the first 3 ones are some of the best sample packs ever.

But if you won’t believe me: feel free to listen to the demo tracks. I linked all of the packs to Prime Loops, where you can purchase them.

Either way, don’t stop to produce and improve 😉

Stay tuned!