With its establishment in the early 2000s, Deep House is probably one of the oldest EDM Genres to this day. And it has surely changed quite a lot: A genre which first was mainly focused on rhythm and simplistic, minimalistic sound design has now developed into one of the most versatile genres of electronic music, with its many subgenres like future house, future bounce, minimal house among many others.

It is now played on the big mainstages inside big music festivals like Tomorrowland or Ultra Miami. But the genre itself is relatively easy to gasp, and with enough producing skills, you are able to create some sick deep house tunes right on your laptop. So here’s the top 5 best deep house sample packs every producer of this genre should possess.

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Skifonix Sounds Deep House Sequences

If you’re new to music production, especially to rather rhythmical genres like deep house, construction kits are the way to go. They’re easy to use, ready to go sample kits which contain a large variety of different styles of the particular genre. As for deep house, there are only few packs which reach the quality of this one, as it offers pulsating synths, punching drums and deep basslines.

Now, this pack is even more useful to producers who are already advanced and know some intermediate mixing techniques, just because the several stems in each track of the pack are really well mixed (each track even contains a screenshot of the insert chain so you can recreate the massive sounds heard in the demo on the fly) and practically ideal for using them as reference stems.

If you’re even more creative, you can chop things up and create some absolutely unique and beautiful melodies and basslines, accompanied by the tasty drum samples which are in this sample pack as well as the high quality massive soundset, you can truly create some massive deep house bangers with this.

Download Contains:

  • 6 x Full construction kits (including insert chain screenshots)
  • 168 x Total audio files
  • 20 x Kicks
  • 20 x Clap Snares
  • 20 x Percussion hits
  • 29 x MIDI Files
  • 25 x Massive Presets

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Loopmasters Essentials 13 – Deep House

Now this one’s an instant classic. Every now and then, the famous sample-selling site Loopmasters creates a so-called “Essential”, each time for a different genre. And for this one, they really outdid themselves. It is filled with a good taste of everything you need in the genre of deep house.

From punching kickdrums to filtered basslines over to pulsating melodic loops, everything in this sample pack is well edited, mixed and ready to go for instant banger-making. Essential Deep House includes an awesome collection of samples and loops which present to you the astounding variety of this genre – a medley of all eras of deep house and all of its many subgenres.

Included Are:

  • 27 Bass Loops
  • 31 Drum Loops
  • 27 Music Loops
  • 20 Bass Shots
  • 48 Drum Hits
  • 16 Instrument Hits
  • 16 SFX

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CR2 Deep House Megapack

CR2 Deep House Megapack

If you liked the last pack I showed you, then you’re going to LOVE this one. Trust me. CR2 Deep House Megapack is basically a larger, more versatile version of the Loopmasters Essentials 13 – on Steroids. It contains over 4.3 GB (!) of pure deep house goodness, and nearly every single sound which is used today in most of the mainstream and underground deep house scene is somewhere in there.

To top this, CR2 also included a large variety of presets for the popular VST Synths Massive and Sylenth1, with an extraordinary variety of different styles. And as an absolute cherry on the icing, CR2 also includes a wide collection of video tutorials to get you started. This can especially be effective if you’re a beginner. And with a price under $30, CR2 probably offers the best price-to-contents ratio of everyone in this list.

What’s Inside?

Included packs: Deep Analogue House / Classic House / Deep House

  • 22 x Construction Kits
  • 1519 x Wav Files
  • 46 x Presets (Massive & Sylenth1)
  • 259 x MIDI Files
  • 6 x Prod-Cast Video Tutorial
  • 2 x Production Videos
  • 3 x Booklets containing Tips & Tricks

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CR2 Deep House Megapack 2

CR2 Deep House Megapack 2

Oh, you thought it couldn’t get any better, did you? Well, you’re wrong. With the next installment of the Deep House Megapack, CR2 took the notch even further to fix them inside the list of the best sampling companies for EDM. Now, they did not only raise the size of the library to over 5 GB, but also they included some never-heard-before sounds to elevate the level of production quality in modern productions.

The pack delivers (with standard CR2 sampling quality) a wide selection of drum samples, melodic and bass loops, vox, templates, presets and production tutorials to really lift you up to a world class deep house producer.

This Pack Contains:

Included packs: Deep House 2 / Deep Analogue House 2 / Deep Melodic House

  • 1639 x Files
  • MIDI files
  • Massive & Sylenth1 presets
  • Ableton & Logic templates

Please note: requires Sylenth1, NI Massive and Ableton Live or Logic

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Laniakea Sounds Future Deep

Laniakea Sounds Future Deep House Samples

Now, this is one for the kind of producers who really want to take the deep house scene a step further. It is not the average deep house sample pack, rather it’s a collection of sounds from a large variety of genres to be used and “remixed” in a future and deep house fashion. Its sounds range from pulsating drums to stabbing lead sounds, crafted masterfully by Laniakea Sounds and mixed to be ready-to-use in an instant.

It is rather experimental, but if you are already in the deep and future house sample scene and already possess everything that you need to create a basic future or deep house track, this pack will help you stand out and bring a little originality to your productions.

What’s Included?

  • 207 x Total Files
  • 104 Drum Loops
  • 51 x Full Drum Loops
  • 53 x Top Drum Loops
  • 74 x Bass Loops
  • 33 x Full Bass Loops
  • 25 x Mid Bass Loops
  • 16 x Sub Bass Loops
  • 29 x Melody Loops (Chords, Synths, Piano, Vox)
  • 122 -125 BPM
  • Key Labelled
  • 818 MB (Unzipped)

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As you can observe, the classical stereotypical house sample pack like old vengeance packs does no longer exist. It has been replaced with a much more versatile version of itself: sample packs that not only include some washed-out drums and generic bass loops, but stuff which can be really helpful in your creative process. Things that range from inspiring abstract musical loops, grooves or weird percussive samples over to whole tutorial videos and templates for your favorite DAWs. And out of this whole sea of modern style sample libraries, we found the top five above the most innovating, good sounding and most helpful for the average deep house producer.

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